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Abstract Art Frame

OK, this one was by request. This is a very simple way to give your image a very abstract and undefined art frame. Click on the images to enlarge the illustration if you need to. For even larger view click on the bottom right orange square (with blue arrows).

1- Open your image. Select Image, Canvas size. (Please ignore the History to the right.)

ScreenHunter_012.jpg (191018 bytes)


2- Select white. I added a 50 pixel wide horizontal and vertical canvas enlargement.

ScreenHunter_013.jpg (158910 bytes)


3- Select Brush Tool. I chose Size 55 pixels, Hardness zero, Opacity 40%. Now paint the borders so half the brush is in the white and half (or more) is into the picture. You are painting a soft color onto the picture. I picked a soft blue color to go with the colors in the photo. I know, it looks silly, but bare with me. (picture has broken link - sorry)


4- Now change the paint brush to 100%. Go around the picture again, painting LESS of the inside photograph and ALL of the white border. This is important.

ScreenHunter_018.jpg (204318 bytes)


5- Next, use the Magic Wand tool, set at 16, and click on colored border area.  Select Feather and choose 1 pixel (or try 2).

ScreenHunter_021.jpg (215600 bytes)


6- We are almost done. Now go to Edit, Fill, Black.   (no link here)


7- And the finished product. Click to enlarge.

Jen-on-stairs-border.jpg (130956 bytes)

Obviously this didn't take very long to do, but you get the idea. After you get this down pat, try throwing around a few variables. Maybe do the same thing AGAIN on top of this image and turn the frame into a border that is rough on BOTH sides. Maybe even texture the border. Have fun!