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Digital Photography

Digital photography has opened the doors for photographers to finally reproduce what their mind sees.  Using a digital darkroom they are able not only to do traditional darkroom work, but to reproduce what their mind sees. Of course no amount of "digital manipulation" can turn a poor image into a good one. We are in the digital era. All my images start as original photographs. Sometimes a simple photograph is used, sometimes many are used to form a collage. 

All photographs, digital photographs, or digital images are copyright protected and may not be used for any purpose without my written permission.  

For pricing on all items on this page please e-mail me or phone. See Contact Info (last page).

Size and pricing varies. 

Vulture Mine Revisited


Aspen grove with Gillian - small.jpg (97185 bytes)

Aspen Grove


Jen-seashore-small.jpg (98686 bytes)






Monument Dunecube-final-small.jpg (88675 bytes)




Mudmen-halo-1small.jpg (73029 bytes)




Monument-death-small.jpg (90104 bytes)




Glasses-2small.jpg (45136 bytes)

The Holy Family



Collage-stream-petals-seeds.jpg (87535 bytes)




Flower_Leaves-multi2small.jpg (56835 bytes)

Group Portrait



Oceanhan-1-small.jpg (93565 bytes)

Neptune and Sea Worshipers 



Beach-small.jpg (76193 bytes)

Children of the Sea



Space Station






Hoops-4-small.jpg (69166 bytes)




Flowers-better-small glowing.jpg (50075 bytes)

Spinning Clematis



Veness-feathers.jpg (60577 bytes)

Vanessa - SOLD OUT




Footsky-small.jpg (34847 bytes)

My Wife's Feet




Face-wrap3-small.jpg (145326 bytes)

Old Man



Route 66 Garage.jpg (118197 bytes)

Route 66 Garage



Abstract_3-small.jpg (109536 bytes)

Windows - Inside Outside



Bode_2003_small.jpg (108272 bytes)

After the Gold Rush




Grape_vine_6-small.jpg (33528 bytes)






Eye-girl-bridge-small.jpg (38200 bytes)

Time Bridges All




Devil2-small.jpg (99325 bytes)

The Devil




Bouquet-final.jpg (115676 bytes)

Church of Flowers





Hand1.jpg (49256 bytes)

Hand of Time



Charlie-5-small.jpg (79992 bytes)

Speed Graphic Charlie

Mudmen-halo-2mask-small.jpg (76181 bytes)

Life - Version 2



Jennifer-fresco-mask.jpg (99066 bytes)



Bryce Sky-Mudman-mask1.jpg (143404 bytes)

Son of Neptune

Lights-small.jpg (20090 bytes)

An Orderly Universe




Bicycle cranks-mask1small.jpg (85948 bytes)

Dead Bicycle Cranks


Bicycle rims 7mask-small.jpg (102425 bytes)

Nothing but Rims



Bicycle tire-mask-small.jpg (86667 bytes)




Fenders-glass-mask-small.jpg (78916 bytes)

Broken Dreams

Within this chaos of metal...
Lies the remains of broken dreams...
Speed records shattered or...
Salesmen false stated schemes...
Late for a lovers meeting...
Wild rides on darkened roads...
Absent for passionate greeting...
As death hungrily enfolds...
Crumpled metal entails...
Crumpled lives that fails...



Exhaust pipes-mask-small.jpg (107729 bytes)

Silent Noise


Tribute to Van Gogh




Cactus leafs-mask-1-small.jpg (85196 bytes)

Study in Red


Bicycles for Christmas




Antelope and indian-small-mask2.jpg (61563 bytes)

Navajo Spirit



Mudman-6-mask-small.jpg (50073 bytes)

Just Kidding



Flower in progress-mask2-small.jpg (92862 bytes)

Flower in Progress



Cans-sky-mask1small.jpg (117971 bytes)

A Sign of the Times



Flower-purple-mix-small.jpg (108617 bytes)

Soul of the Clematis

Effervescent in beauty rare...
Floral wine with bouquet fair...
Scent of fragrant air...
Feel her near and beware...
Clematis is a lovely snare...
When her soul is bare...



Surfers-night-small.jpg (100288 bytes)

Moon Surfers


Gillian-upper_body-final-smaall1.jpg (112018 bytes)

River Goddess III



Stars-Gillian-final-small.jpg (124429 bytes)

One with the Universe

To enter the assigned universe as one...
To begin the transition again...
To finish the tasks that has begun...
In the Creators allotted space and time...
In the worlds of heavenly design...
To belong in space divine...
Seeking the eternal bind...
To enter , begin , finish and then

Ballerina-working-small.jpg (159690 bytes)

Ballerina - SOLD OUT

Aspens Revisited-small.jpg (106867 bytes)


Aspens gillian flight-2small.jpg (101026 bytes)

Aspens  - Woman

Aspens gillian flight-small.jpg (115453 bytes)

Aspens - Flight

Gillian thru glass-small.jpg (115597 bytes)

Last Ride




Aspens - Sorrow

Remembrance of peace and serenity...
Held fast in minds portal of life...
Before deaths sudden tragedy...
There harbored thoughts sublime...
Life whole and growth escalating...
Scenes  of our world in time...
Madmen were calculating...
Sudden terror reigned.... we pine...

For another age of PEACE and SERENITY...


Asylum 1-small final.jpg (120772 bytes)




Grape_vine_6-small.jpg (33528 bytes)



CrabC-1-small.jpg (87500 bytes)

A Walk on the Wild Side



Abstract car 2-small.jpg (157391 bytes)

Reflecting Back


Clouds-and-hand-2small.jpg (79473 bytes)



Veness8-small.jpg (47639 bytes)



Gillian-rusty-fire-shotgun-.jpg (74668 bytes)




Sins_of_the_father-final-small.jpg (145623 bytes)

Sins of the Father



Fire face distort.jpg (91704 bytes)

Hells fury unbound... 
Guilt cries without sound... 
Sin reigns with unholy crown... 
Salvation unfound




Old_Man-best-small.jpg (185574 bytes)

Old Man (original)

Woman-small.jpg (100050 bytes)

1993 Digital Image

Made on a PC 286 with 4 megs of ram!



Tennis_shoes-final_mask-small.jpg (106274 bytes)

Laces or aglets? 
Feelings of wonderment... 
Fairyland implied... 
What! Tennis shoes? 
Well, I declare! 


desert-face.jpg (38184 bytes)

Indian Sunset



Jennifer in Hell. . . 




Mudmen-Composite-1.jpg (137302 bytes)

Rescue of the Fair Maiden



Asylum-4b-final-croped-smal.jpg (134456 bytes)

Ghost Town Asylum 

A little spaced out




Miners-shirt-clouds-small.jpg (124839 bytes)

Dead Miner's Shirt

Ghost Town of Vulture City

I Cry for You, Argentina




Route 66 - Babydoll

Seligman, Arizona





Route 66 - Missile Crisis

Seligman, Arizona





Route 66 - The Observer

Seligman, Arizona




Route 66 - Stood Up

Seligman, Arizona





Route 66 - Hitchhiker

Seligman, Arizona






Route 66 - Harley Lover

Seligman, Arizona






Star Child - Payson





Truck Funeral - Rye. AZ


Raining Shoes

Reflection of a Madman


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