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Frames and Borders

Sometimes it is fun to add fancy borders or frames to our photographs. Here is a simple how-to that, once mastered, will allow you to make an infinite variety of your own borders and frames.

1- First select a photograph and open it in Photoshop. Now go the Rectangular Marquee Tool located here:


2- Draw a rectangle within your photograph - like this. Click on the image below for a large version. If that is not large enough, go to the lower right edge of the large image and expand the image (expand symbol will show as 4 blue arrows on an orange square).

ScreenHunter_006.jpg (148720 bytes)


3- Now use Select - Inverse. This means you will now be working on the outside frame area

ScreenHunter_001.jpg (147448 bytes)


4- Go to Filter - Blur - Radial Blur - select zoom. I used 33 on this example.

ScreenHunter_008.jpg (138284 bytes)


5- Go back to the Section menu. Use Select - Modify - Border. Select 1 pixel width.

ScreenHunter_004.jpg (151618 bytes)


6- Next use Edit - Fill - White

ScreenHunter_005.jpg (149795 bytes)


7- Now back to the Selection Tool. Select - Deselect. You got it. What could be simpler? The good news is that you can do all kinds of variations. You can darken the frame - texture the frame - change the color - add just a simple blur - use other filters. This should get you started. Enjoy photography. It's your hobby.