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Printing Black and White

-Another Way-

Well there are probably as many ways of printing  b&w prints on a color inkjet as their are photographers - and I have probably fussed with most of them. However, let me share with you a method that really works for me.

1- Start with any b&w or color image. Make sure it is in  b&w - Image, Mode, Grayscale. If you have desaturated your colors to the point of being a b&w, you still need to convert to Grayscale. 

2- Now the silly part. Convert the image back to RGB. You might need to tweak your custom b&w profile.

3- With your color printer, select Color for the medium. I use 1440 instead of 2880 to minimize any possibility of bronzing.

4- Advantages: All jets are pumping away so no tiny black dots (when seen with a loupe) are seen as would happen with black ink only (printing as a black and white). As the image came from a pure grayscale, the chances of a slight color shift have been minimized. Sure, you might need to tweak your printer ever so slightly. With my 7600 Dye Printer I get zero metamerism. Pretty amazing.  

5- Of course you could convert your printer to all b&w but what a giant hassle that is! And then you can't print color.

6- My b&w prints have the smoothness of a photograph, no color tint, no bronzing, and no metamerism.